Why WordPress LMS Websites Thrive On Dedicated Hosting?

By June 5, 2023Web Hosting

With the rise in online learning platforms, numerous web hosting providers now offer specialized LMS hosting services. From Shared and VPS hosting to Cloud and Dedicated hosting, there are different hosting options that one can choose from. There are also managed and unmanaged hosting services available. 

However, not all types of hosting can meet the ever-increasing demands of a growing WordPress LMS website. Here, one of the best options is to choose dedicated hosting, as it allows online educators to run a range of services on their LMS websites, right from online courses to group coaching sessions, webinars, and more.

Benefits Of Dedicated Hosting For WordPress LMS Websites

Choosing the best dedicated hosting provider is the key to offering an exceptional website browsing experience to students. Dedicated hosting is a reliable and scalable option for high-performing and high-traffic websites, such as an online learning platform. It also offers enhanced security and customizability, making it well-suited for WordPress LMS websites. Other benefits of dedicated hosting include:

Dedicated Resources

The most prominent benefit of dedicated hosting is the allocation of dedicated resources. This includes RAM, disk space, bandwidth, and CPU usage. In a shared hosting environment, resources are equally distributed among all websites hosted on the shared server. However, in dedicated hosting, you don’t have to share resources with other websites. Rather you can use the resources allocated to you to boost the performance of your LMS websites. 

Full Root Access

With full root access, you can customize the server according to your website’s requirements. You can change the hosting setup or use a different scripting language. You can use different security tools to improve your site’s performance. Or you can install server-wide applications or software that can help optimize your website. In short, you can make changes directly at the server level without any restrictions.

Faster Website Loading

Since you don’t have to share resources with other websites, dedicated hosting can help improve your website’s load time and page speed. This is critical for LMS websites as most of these sites use heavy media files like videos for courses. When you have access to dedicated resources, you can make the most of them to power your website. This will help you provide uninterrupted service to your students at all times.

Reliability and Security

On most WordPress LMS websites, a large number of students log-in simultaneously for different online courses. Here, dedicated hosting can prove to be beneficial as it can support high website traffic efficiently without downtime. Most dedicated hosting providers are also known to have a higher uptime of about 99.99%, which is another plus point.

Likewise, world-class security is a part and parcel of dedicated hosting. Not only does it allow you to customize the security settings of the server, but it also offers top-level security tools. Dedicated servers are housed in a secured data center, which further enhances security. What’s more, all dedicated servers are HIPAA and PCI-compliant, which is a boon for LMS websites.

Highly Scalable

Unlike other types of hosting, dedicated hosting is highly scalable. The hosting provider can quickly make the necessary server configuration to meet your specific storage, bandwidth, and processing needs. This ensures that you can expand your online learning offerings without worrying about whether or not your website can handle it.

24/7 On-site Support

Hosting companies offer priority support to all customers who have purchased dedicated hosting. On-site support is available 24x7x365 for any technical issue that may arise. Customer support is provided by different modes of communication: email, phone, and even live chat. 

In Conclusion

Dedicated hosting is the most suitable type of hosting for LMS websites. It offers tremendous benefits such as dedicated resources, full root access, enhanced security, and greater uptime. It can handle high traffic spikes without crashing your website. It can also help increase your website speed and load time. 

High scalability is one of the topmost benefits of dedicated hosting for WordPress LMS websites. In addition, round-the-clock technical support is another advantage that can prove to be beneficial in times of website crises.